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Our expertise covers corporate communications, financial and capital markets communications, and public affairs.


Public relation services catered to the needs of corporate clients.

At GMN PR & Communications, we help improve, position, protect and maintain corporate brands. We have proven success in building the reputations of businesses and individuals.



We help businesses and organisations, large and small in active stakeholder engagement. We understand the importance of devising and implementing a strong corporate story that resonates with a wide range of investors, allowing them to differentiate themselves. 

By tapping on the experience of our team, we’re able to foresee emerging market trends and take action in establishing well thought-out communication strategies based on informative content, insights and our expert opinion. Through the use of online platform to compliment traditional communication channels, we’ve been able to maximise the about of penetration and impact of our strategies, allowing up to also advise on ways to optimise digital assets and create shareable content.

We’re well versed in advising clients on potential risk reputation assessments and have been increasingly commissioned by clients to access, measure and highlight areas of which their reputation may be vulnerable to issues in the future in order to improve their existing corporate reputation.

GMN PR & Communications has an experienced team of crisis communication experts who work tirelessly to protect, improve and defend the reputation of our clients.

We’ve carried out crisis implementation programmes for our clients and advised a wide range of high profile and sensitive crisis and litigation situations, many of which were under the full scrutiny of the public and media.

Our PR experts and consultants understand the news cycle and the ways to craft an interesting and engaging story, allowing us to prepare our clients for effective media engagement. 

We’ve forged strong working relationships with media outlets who’ve enabled us to create priceless interactions for our clients.



Our experts at GMN PR & Communications have deep experience in M&A, IPOs, asset sales and corporate restructuring. Our people are leaders in IPO and M&A work with a track record in Asia dating back to the early 1990s. Over the years of our operations, we’ve handled some of the largest and most complex deals in the region, spanning multiple industries and sectors, across a variety of friendly and impugn situations.

We’ve advised clients on IPOs, placement, right issues and corporate bond offerings, from growth-oriented companies to distressed restructuring situations. Clients have engaged us for a wide variety of situations from negotiations to litigious disputes.

We ensure that our clients have all the necessary tools to manage a proxy battle, we also conduct defence preparedness exercises for clients ensuring that they are fully prepared in the event of a hostile corporate or stakeholder attack.

Over the years of our operation, we’ve implemented comprehensive communications strategies focused on helping our clients to build and sustain visibility in capital markets with communities, retail investors and even the financial press. 

GMN PR & Communications is often referred to as the best communications advisor for capital markets transactions in the region.

GMN PR & Communications is experienced in guiding our clients through complex projects.



Our knowledge of the regional landscape have allowed us to advice a wide variety of clients on the positioning of their business and organisations favourably with stakeholders ranging from government regulators and trade bodies to local communities.

We analyse current policies and political issues and formulate an in-depth report for our clients. We want to allow organisation to make sense of shirting political and regulatory agendas and the impact these developments may have on their business. It is through this detailed analysis can businesses make the right informed decisions.

We design engagement programmes developed for the sole purpose of helping organisations to strengthen their relationships with policymakers and influencers of the organisation, and build a network of established supporters who understand the priorities and concerns of businesses

Our consultants have developed and managed numerous successful issues and policy campaigns over the years. We work very closely with our clients to formulate corporate positioning strategies and develop messaging on key business issues that’s grounded in research and resonates with stakeholders.

We support clients looking to enter markets in Asia and device communication programs focused on the research and intelligence, profile raising and stakeholder engagement.


We provide a wide variety of services.


At GMN PR & Communications, we’ll help you create a framework for conducting your business the ethical way, taking into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of your operation.


We help create graphic design, infographics and all other forms of brand collaterals that will help strenghten the perception of your company in the minds of consumers.


Employees are an essential part of any organisation as such it is important to implement employee communication strategies, advocacy programmes and change management policies. At GMN PR & Communications we provide all of these services.


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